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Our Theory

Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?

Matt Groening
What happened to donuts? The once great breakfast Pastry has been stepped over and pushed aside for too long, making room for pre-fabricated, frozen, assembly line impostors! The sad truth is that these days most donuts are made by simply opening a bag of pre-mix, adding some water and pressing a button. They are cut out by a machine, dropped in a fryer and moved down a conveyor belt where the person will never even touch a single donut at all and to that we say " we can do better...much better"
We here at Donut Theory believe in a more classic approach, with a return to wholesome, made from scratch donuts that require a trained hand to create. Donut Theory bakers use traditional baking techniques and create all out donuts from scratch and by hand, no donut robots here! When you walk into a Donut Theory Bakery you can smell the sweet yeast dough and actually see our bakers toiling in the kitchen.

Our Donuts are made fresh daily

Our Mission is to elevate the donut back to it's former glory, to let you experience a real donut the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. We guarantee not only to make the best donuts and pastries you've ever tasted, but that it will also be an experience you will feel good about and want to come back for time and time again.

Fresh is best

Nice to meet!

Like the art work on our page, there is more inside our bakery, Paintings by Eric Joyner.

Eric Joyner

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Donuts by Theory

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Bringing back classic lost from time donuts, while using the donut as a vehicle for more complex flavor creations.

We’re Responsible

Buy locally, be environmentally concise and support the community, its that simple.

We're Friendly

we want to know what you thing, go ahead we don't bite! Let us know what donut you have been missing or a crazy flavor you dreamt up, its ok we dream about donuts too.

What people say?

What people say?

What people say?


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